sábado, 29 de setembro de 2007


I dont really know about the fairness or not of Anand x Kramnik discussion. All I know is there was a contract, in which Topalov agreed to withdraw his place in the world championship in case of losing. Then, Kramnik + the 7 players of the Mexico city tournament agreed in a contract in which Kramnik would challenge the winner for a rematch, in case the champion wasnt himself. And finally, the winner of the rematch would be world champion, having as the next challenger the winner of FIDE KO 2007. So Anand should be world champion by now, and Kramnik the ex-champion searching for a rematch. As for the public, agreeing with it or not, there were contracts discussed and signed by FIDE and the interested parts. After all, what really pisses me off is thisTtopalov man, who should try his spot in the FIDE KO as everybody else, and not get a place as comfortable as Kramnik (it reminds me of Kasimdzhanov, who won one single FIDE KO and was suddenly entitled to play any kind of try for the world championship for more than 2 years, even if he couldnt manage to reach 2700 more than once in his career.). Maybe Kramnik shouldnt get such comfortable spot either, but at least he has contract basis to argue with. Anand, again, taking the worst of it, needing to beat anyone twice, no matter his clear first place in fide ELO.

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